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ASA Table Talks are designed to create an engaging space for professionals and community leaders to connect and discuss specific stormwater management topics in a safe environment. Topics covered in Table Talks are tailored to the communities in which these events take place and allow the opportunity for professionals to share and inquire with their constituents on issues, challenges, and goals.

Objectives of recent ASA Table Talks included the following:

  • Bring attention to statewide stormwater infrastructure shortcomings (built and natural infrastructure) and the recent ASCE report card grade.
  • Collaboratively identify and prioritize stormwater-related issues at the local (community/watershed) level.
  • Collaboratively envision what a reasonable future ASCE report card grade would be and what circumstances would need to be present.
  • Identify local options and specific measures to address local stormwater issues.

ASA Table Talks are typically invitation-only to help ensure maximum value for the participants and the greatest potential for positive outcomes and action after the event concludes. Typical invitees include municipal and county leaders and decisionmakers, and a few consultants that serve them.

Summary reports of past ASA Table Talks are available in the ASA Member Resources page for ASA Members.

Let us know if your community is interested in using ASA Table Talks forum to address a specific stormwater issue.

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