Who We Are

The Alabama Stormwater Association is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to Alabama waters and the professionals that protect and restore them. 

Our Mission

ASA helps to protect and restore the quality of Alabama resources through stormwater-related connection.

Our Vision

ASA is an incubator and promoter of stormwater innovation, collaboration, communication, and connection for the good of Alabama and for the protection and restoration of the waters within and beyond its borders.

Our Values and Character

  • We work for the good of Alabama waters  (not individuals, public entities, organizations, etc.), but we see and seek mutual benefit through service in the Association and participation by a comprehensive community of professionals and stakeholders.
  • We are respectful, professional, collaborative, inclusive, honest, and a positive force for good.
  • We promote open and frank discussion as well as provide “safe zones” for dialogue, as appropriate.
  • We do not endorse people, products, or professional services.

ASA is led by a group of stormwater professionals that serve on its Board of Directors and its Executive Committee.