2024 Clear Water Registration and Sponsorship Opportunities

Clear Water Alabama

The Clear Water Alabama Seminar and Field Day is an annual event that draws stormwater professionals from all over Alabama and beyond. The event highlights the state of the practice for both construction and post-construction stormwater management and other water-related technologies. Typical audiences include stormwater professionals and leaders from federal, state, and local governments, engineers and inspectors, contractors and vendors, regulators, environmental advocacy groups, and other stakeholders, permittees, practitioners who work for or are interested in the quality of Alabama waters.  

Seminar topics typically include audience-engaging discussions and presentations of current water-quality issues and solutions, natural resource protection efforts, case-studies, and the state of the practice for stormwater management. Regulatory updates and opportunities for professional networking are also a part of the agenda. 

The Field Day typically offers visits to elements of Alabama's water-related built and natural environments, demonstrations of best management practices and product applications, and additional opportunities for networking with some of the states most dedicated stormwater professionals and experts.

Clear Water Alabama moves around the state to highlight the diversity of Alabama's waters, topography, and people. The event is coordinated by the Alabama Erosion and Sediment Control Partnership with support from the Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee and the Alabama Stormwater Association

This year's event will be held on September 25-26, 2024 at Landmark Park in Dothan.

2024 Clear Water Registration and Sponsorship Opportunities
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